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Here at Keevil Contracting, we focus on making the customer feel comfortable throughout the whole process of designing the home. From preparing the building site, to handing over the keys to their new home, we ensure that your home is being built with quality materials, expert care and attention to the details, and is being built exactly how you dreamt it to be.


The Process

Step 1: Discovery

First, we start by meeting and discussing every aspect of your home that you are looking for. From the fundamentals to the fine details - we cover everything so we can begin designing the blueprints.


Step 2: Design

After our initial meeting, we get to designing your dream home, accounting the square footage, number of rooms, bathrooms, kitchen layout and more. Once the blueprints are complete and are approved, we can now begin building.


Step 3: Preparation

Before we can build your dream home, we must ensure that the site is properly laid out and prepared. At this stage, we also source all the materials and establish a set building schedule.


Step 4: Building Your Home

Now for the exciting part! Your foundation is built, your house's framing is constructed and you can relax while each building phase is completed. You will be kept informed throughout the entire project about the progress.


Step 5: Project Completion

Congratulations! The wait is over and you can now enjoy your dream home!

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